Chris Fisher & Dustin Dolby

Moving to San Francisco after college, we quickly found ourselves facing the same dilemma week after week- a lack of original events to enjoy. Major holiday's lacked personality and attending these events became repetitive as we found ourselves heading to the same venue each year. Our friends had similar feelings, wanting more options for city night life, yet nobody seemed willing to take initiative to make this a reality. With that idea in mind, we challenged ourselves to throw a New Years event worth remembering.

Little did we know, the desire to switch it up from the same New Years cycle would lead into something bigger. With the success from the first event and the support of our friends, we decided to throw another event...and another. As the events grew in size, we found ourselves spending more and more of our time creating the next experience. That is when Fisher & Dolby Presents was born, and we haven’t looked back since. 

Our goal is simple: to throw the best events in San Francisco, while showcasing talent and the vibrant venues this beautiful city has to offer. As we continue to expand, we want to thank everyone who has told a friend or attended an event. Piece by piece we are growing this into something truly special, and we are thankful you are along for the ride.